My genius project is due tomorrow and I am afraid to present it because I have stage fright except when I am doing it with a partner. For my genius hour I think I am going to make a power point and have a quick demonstration at the end and answer question if there are any and hopefully I pass and If I bomb the presentation hopefully I am getting a high enough mark so that if I do I can still pass the perspective about knitting  has changed a lot from a really girly thing to a somewhat a man thing and if you except me to knit again don’t give it a second thought I am never knitting again especially about how long it took me to knit a scarf.

I don’t think I am going to use my knitting skills in the future just because on how other people may judge me. Now over this weekend I have to practice what I am going to say during my presentation and try to overcome my stage fright so that I don’t freeze up while I am presenting .this is going to be my last genius hour reflection ever.

So far my genius hour project has been going well my scarf is almost done. It should take a couple more weeks to finish I have been putting it off for a couple of days because of school work. Some of the challenges so far I have been are making time for my project. The reason I have been having trouble making time is that the amount of school work I have been getting. I am getting booklets for math and writing essay for English and by the time I’m done all these things I am way to tried to do anything.

For my ted talk I hope that I don’t choke and do not fail the project I am really trying to get a B on my project. For new concepts I haven’t learned a lot the way my grandma teaches me she taught me an easy way to do it which requires you only know how to do two knitting skills have dropped a bit because of the amount of time I have been doing and the way I knit is by my muscle memory does everything and know since I stopped I have to relearn it know.

My genius hour project is going as expected as I thought it would. My perspective has changed when I selected knitting I thought it would be easy then when I started doing it  was very difficult know after doing it for a while I feel like I have a good handle on greatest resource so far is my grandma who has been there every step of the way always helping me learn how to knit. The biggest challenge so far is that when your knitting taking the needle under the yarn of the other needle and taking it out again is very difficult for me to do.My skills have improved a lot over these couple of weeks. When I started I knew absolutely nothing about knitting know after 3 weeks I think my skills have greatly improved over that next step are over the next couple of weeks is to finish knitting half of my scarf when I publish my third hopes for my final product is a very nicely knitted scarf and a very well done class explaniation on how to knit a scarf in front of peers and teacher. goobye until my next post.
The job that I want in the future is to be a money manager. Money managers control and invest in large amounts of money for institutions such as banks, trust companies, pension funds and mutual funds. The main duties of money bankers is meet the investment bankers about investment opportunities. Research companies to invest in, track the performances of investments and arrange transactions to make investments. The working hours for for money managers are 8 to 12 hours a day or 40 to 60 hours a week. They work in offices often with a team of research analyst and other managers and work is stressful. the Typical earning range is 60 to 120 dollars plus. In a year they earn 75,000 to one million dollars. Earnings are made up of a base salary plus a performance bonus. Where I can find work for a money manager is Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, NWT, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. The amount of money banker jobs in Canada is 84. When I graduate university then I have a better chance.
My genius hour project is to learn how to far in my quest to learn to knit has not been easy. Knitting is harder than you think I only know how to do a slip knot and have no experience knitting yet. The reason I picked this for genius hour is that I thought it was going to be easy but I was wrong. The other reason I picked knitting is that I thought my grandma could help me out which she has been .from the week I have been doing this I learned the basics such as a slip knot and to cast on.

My perspective on knitting has complete changed. When I saw my grandma do it she made it look so easy but looks can be disceving. My skills have greatly improved considering that I knew nothing about knitting before until I started a couple of days greatest asset so far has been my grandma how taught mostly next steps are to actually start to knit my scarf which Is the only thing I am going to do this biggest challenge so far has been to actually knit I only know how to do a knot and a cast on but other than that hope for my final product is a nicely knitted scarf.

My name is Herman and I like dogs. This summer I went to Calgary for a wedding. I have a older sister who goes to UBC. I use to have a dog and she was a rotweiller. I like the show Dexter watch it if you haven't.That's all you have to know
  • _hello my name is Herman i am going to talk about how the school system kills creativity.
    Did you know thta the public schools around the earth are reforming because of two things economy and cultural.

  • why do we all have to classify each grade by age and not your passion you have for that class.

  • why do we have different teachers for each subject and not one teacher like in elementary school.

  • A study shows that when you were younger that you were more creative but as you grow up the school system steals that creativity from you.
  • the school has two group of people smart people and dumb people